TRAX's Connect is used by you when instructed by our Sales Representative or Support Techs to connect between your computer and theirs  for real-time support or for live demonstrations of our systems.


Joe Capillo's 34 Things I love about TRAX

Joe talks about TRAX in his new book "Living on the Top Line"


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   T R A I N I N G  A I D S  FOR  R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S  
Our Retail Performance Coaching Systems do three things...
  • Help you and your salespeople close more sales. -

  • Give you more information about your company so you can maximize performance and profitability. 

  • Insure that your customers get a warm fuzzy feeling when they think of you and your company.


 Pub # Select Document Description
1 Traffic Counter Solution Movie 8 min

Traffic Counter Movie for Museums and Library's

Traffic Counter Orientation (21 min 41 sec)

Print transcript of traffic counter movie


View Traffic Counter PDF


View Visual Proof PDF

2 UpBoard - CRM Benefits Movie 9 Min

Print the transcript of Upboard movie.


View Upboard PDF

3 UpBoard Training Movie and Helpful Hints Library

Upboard CRM Training Movies



Monthly Diagnostic Form

TraxBasix Onsite Training and Monthly Follow-up Overview


We send out one of the great corporate sales trainers and offer a personal opportunity for you to dramatically improve your companies performance.  Contact Andi and set an appointment for a  telephone evaluation.  You will be amazed...  She has developed a very inexpensive Monthly personal follow-up consultation service that Guarantees Dramatic Improvement  
4 Sales Representative Orientation for Web Based Upboard Approximately 20 minutes and is required viewing by each sales representative before you attend the management seminar.  Requires Win-Zip and PowerPoint


Five Basics That Insure Success Ignore everything else for the first 30 days and we believe you will see almost instant results and dramatic increases in sales performance.


UpBoard Management Getting Started Article How to Maximize the Upboard program and  the first few steps we take together.


Training Articles

Home Furnishings Store Sales Training by Joe Capillo


The Strangest Secret

Get Those Profitable Be-Backs Back!

Strategic Thinking For Furniture Retailers

Avoid The Top Five Management Mistakes

Earn 20-50% More And Don�t Work Harder

Your Customers Don't Care What You Say!

Is Your Sales Manager Filing Or Coaching?

Building Accountability For Performance

Winning The Numbers Game

Leveraging Retail Technology

Herd Mentality & The Sales Floor

Understanding Sales Performance Metrics - 1

Understanding Sales Performance Metrics - 2

Understanding Sales Performance Metrics - 3

Understanding Sales Metrics - 4

Your Optimal Sales Staffing Levels

Sales Staffing Part 2

Guide To Optimal Sales Staffing - Part 3

Who Dreams Of Selling $50,000? - Part 1

Who Dreams Of Selling $50,000? -Part 2

Time To Teach The Sales Success Equation

Downside Of Experienced Salespeople


Sales Representative Orientation For Windows Based Program Approximately 20 minutes and is required viewing by each sales representative before you attend the management seminar.  Requires Win-Zip and PowerPoint
6 Salesperson Agreement Please Print and give a copy to each salesperson to sign and return to your office before the management seminar.
7 Quick Reference Sheet Check this list for easy to follow points on entering opportunities.  This should be printed and posted at the TRAX computer. 
8 New

Users Guide New Online System

Complete Training Manual for New Online Upboard System
9 Optional Post Cards (recommended) or Sample Letters to edit Let our printer do it all for you or Sample Auto Print  Customer Letters to Cut and Paste
10 Getting Started & Customer Info Card Example Your first steps to insure success
11 TRAX Weekly Goal Spiff Contest Learn how the combination of setting up a GOALS PROGRAM and an INCENTIVE CONTEST can add fun while dramatically improving productivity.
12 Manual Traffic Counting Form Insure your traffic counter is accurate 
13 Benefits for the salespeople to consider regarding the Upboard Why do your salespeople want to use a TRAX Upboard.


Using a receptionist or TRAX assistant Our suggestions on why it might be beneficial to have a concierge or receptionist in charge of the UpBoard


The Hot Zone Report and how to set up employee scheduling and staffing analysis The Hottest New Report


How to customize your Upboard
16 Download Sales Employee Schedule Template Click Here
17 Download Daily Employee Sales and Transaction Template for Sales Goals and RPG Reports

Click Here


Import Instructions from your POS

Test your computers bandwidth and speed

New Visual Proof Installation Guide (Direct Connect, No PC required)

Spec Sheet and Optional $149 Ceiling Mounting bracket configuration

Security Camera Systems, Functionality and Installation

Traffic Counter Installation

HUGO BOSS direct connect installation using an existing security camera

Trouble Shooting Guide (if your traffic counter ever fails)

Installation Certification Test

Traffic TRAX Export (download)

Traffic TRAX Export Program (Instructions)

Traffic TRAX Complete Manual

Traffic TRAX Complete Manual (download)

Wireless Equipment Guide

Click Here to Install New TT-Web Update for Mailman Factor by Percentages.

TT-Web for original traffic counter only with Getter

TT Web Install Instructions for Auto Print of Reports and Thank you letters for UpBoard Customers

 Traffic Counter Only Customers Import For Sales to setup weekly goals program and Revenue Per Up, Closing Ratio and Average Sale Analysis Version 3  62110

Guarantee Success With Your Traffic Counter Program by Following This First Step Guideline

Download of RPG Import Program

Instructions for Export from your POS System for Traffic Counter Only Customers wanting to use Sales Goals and Revenue Per Guest Analysis Reports

Newsletter April 10, 2010 Setup of Goals RPG Scheduler Programs

 Traffic Counter Only Customers Schedule by Sales Person To Populate Staffing Analysis and Automatic Hot Zone Report Version 2 42710

Win-Zip PowerPoint             Install Flash
  Banner Mattress Salesperson Orientation

eTRAX Test Site

Smash your sales records with TRAX.

Original Visual Proof Installation Manual

People-counter-movie  or  Watch-on-smart-phone

UpBoard-Movie  or  Watch-on-smart-phone




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