Managers Users Guide for Online System


  Read this first...Four Basics That Insure Success


  1.  How to read this manual                                                                                   

  3.  Introducing TRAXsales To Your Salespeople

  4.  Salesperson’s Agreement

  5.  Previous Unsold Customer Data Entry Form 

  6.  Customer Information Card  

  7.  Recap of basic salesperson data entry with more detail provided  

  8.  Returns

  9.  Open Opportunities

  10.  Personal Organizer

  11.  Action To Do List

  12.  Personal Trade                                                                          

  13.  If The Rotation Needs To Be Changed                                                    

  14.  What About Overflow?                                                                                                            

  15.  Employee Activity How Do You Ensure Accuracy Ctrl A (more detail)                                           

  16.  Optional Tracking The Steps Of The Sale Instead Of Reasons a Customer Did Not Buy              

  17.  Why Some Salespeople Fight TRAX (a discussion)                                           

  18.  Showroom Evaluation Diagnostic Form 

  18a. What should I do if a salesperson leaves and we want to divide up the customers he or she is working with between the veteran salespeople?                 



20.  List Of All Reports And Functions                                                                                                                                                                      

22.  The Big Five (The Simple Keys To Guaranteed Success And Improvement)               

23.  IGE Information Gathering Efficiency (Our Most Important and Productive Report)

24.  Performance Summary                                                                                         

25.  Performance Letter                                                                                             

26.  Goal Reports                                                                                                

27.  Double Eagle Goals and Brief Discussion        

28.  Trax SPIFF Dart Contest                       

29.  Employees Closing Ratios By Product Category            

30.  Employees Overflow and Time With Customers                                                                            

32.  Staffing Analysis And Comparisons with Customer Traffic Flow          

32a Below Average Sale Report   

32b Below Average Closing Ratio Report   

33.  Customer Reasons For Not Purchasing          

34.  Busiest Time of Day And Daily Weather Pattern Analysis                                  

35.  Timesheet                                                                                                                      

37.  Reorder Trail                                                    

38.  Goal Reports                                                   

39.  Goal Comparisons                                         

Inventory Reports                                                  

41.  Showroom Closing Ratio By Product Category                     

42.  Reasons Product was Not Purchased                               

43.  Advertising Reports                                                 

44.  Cost Per Opportunity                                              

45.  Advertising Response                                                

46.  Advertising Sales Dollars By Advertiser                               

47.  Advertising Opportunities by Product                                 

48.  Dollars by Zip Code                                                              

49.  Top Zip Codes (Provides Performance Per Opportunity By Zip)            

  Questions and Answers                                                

50.  Will My Sales People Use It?                                                  

51.  How Do I Add Or Remove An Employee?                                      

52.  How Do I Change Or Add Goals                                                        

53.  Why You Should Have A 25 % Spread Between Your Goal And The Minimum…  

54.  Difference Between Be Backs and Appointments?                                        








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55.  Instant UpBoard Status From Any Remote Computer 

55a Ctrl A from remote PC, and Automatic Backup                                    

56.  Re-Order Trail and Out of Rotation Report                                    

57.  Most Productive Customer Analysis                                   

58.  Printing Questions  

58a Customer Info and Mailing                                                                 

  Maintenance and Setup of TRAX        

59.  Icons                                                                       

60.  Change Password                                                 





63.  Standard UpBoard Method or SRI Method and Miscellaneous Features                                  

64.  Print Functions                                                       

65.  Advertising Costs or Budgets Setting Up                       

66.  Daily Activity and Sale Editing                                                

67.  Adding and Removing Employees                                               

68.  Employee's Goals                                                           

69.  Setting Goal Dates                                                                     

70.  Setting the Goals Calendar                                                                       

71.  Employees Actions                                                                

72.  Customer Maintenance                                                          

73.  Setting Store Hours                                                         

74.  Customer Mail

74a Mailing Labels

74b Mail Merge                                                        

75.  Contact Manager                                                       

76.  Importing and Exporting Customer Info and Synchronizing With Your Bus Software      

77.  Installation 


83.  Counting Traffic…Why you should      

84.  Dave's Cartoon                                        


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