TRAX Management Checklist.


1.  View 20 Minute Salesperson Orientation twice.  Once by yourself, then again with your sales team.   Click Here and select #4


2.  Insure that the Upboard is installed in exactly the same location that your current manual up system is being utilized.  This is because we know that your sales force has found a spot that is far enough away from the front door that the customers do not see the group but close enough with a clear line of sight that everyone can easily see most incoming activity.  It is also critical that the computer screen be placed in a position that permits the salesperson to view the board without turning their head to view the front doors.  If you have multiple entrances and can not view the second entrance please call my office so we may discuss your options.  888-646-5462 or direct at 713-466-7177.  Just so you know the traffic counter also has a tone when a customer enters.  It counts a family of four as one count and each different entrance makes a slightly different sound so you can immediately know where they came from. 


3.  Make sure the Upboard has been customized perfectly for your company.  Please review #15 on the training page for complete details regarding goal setting and advertising tracking.


4.  Make sure that TT Web has been set up properly and that your letters and reports are all printing properly.  You also need to insure that the letters say exactly what you want.  Our customized thank you letters are generic.  You need to insure that both the UNSOLD and SOLD customer letters will make you customers feel warm and fuzzy when they receive them.  Click here for Samples Here is the current TT Web Program for you to download at each store to make the letters and daily to do lists automatic.

Click Here to Install New TT-Web Update for Mailman Factor by Percentages.

TT Web Install Instructions for Auto Print of Reports and Thank you letters for UpBoard Customers

5.  Sales Goals are a key component of TRAX and if you make sure all of your sales are entered every day all of your reports will be accurate and will make your job as manager easier and more efficient.  The key to success is that a few moments before you close the store every day, you must check the Salesperson Activity Report located on the UpBoard every day and make sure all sales are entered and the total is correct.  If one is missing you must get the salesperson to enter it before they leave.  It takes 10 seconds so there should be no excuse.  They can always go back the next day and add all the customer details.  All we need for today is the sales amount, the customers last name and the multiple choice questions answered.  Type Advertising, Type Product and Zip Code and your done.  Set up your sales goals and once completed everything else is totally automatic and the goal reports print automatically each week.  Please read these goal documents carefully and let me know if you have any questions.  1. Goals Program Explained   Call Jacob or I at the corporate office anytime if you need help (713) 854-7706.  Then have a sales contest based on the goals.  This is the most fun spiff contest you have ever heard of and it really works.  If you do this weekly contest TRAX Goals Spiff Contest Explained I promise that you will absolutely love how many more sales it creates on your sales floor.


6. Print the Salesperson Agreement from the training page and change company name on top.  Print one for each salesperson and have them sign it after they have watched the 20 minute Salesperson Orientation Movie.   Click Here


7.  Print the Single Page Cheat Sheet and post it next to the UpBoard to be used as a reference for the first couple weeks of use.  Click Here


8.  We recommend that you use a guest card for every customer contact, even if you do not learn the customers name.  This promotes a good consistent work habit and you will be more inclined to capture better unsold customer info long term.


9.  Read How to Steal Customers From Your Fiercest Competitor.  Click Here


10.  Focus on the #1 priority of the IGE report and commit to doing everything humanly possible to get your IGE number the highest level you possibly can.  We guarantee great success with immediate increased business if you can hit your goal of capturing the names of between 30-50% of your unsold customers for automated follow-up.  Click Here


11.   Create a 21-30 day contest at each location around the IGE %.  We recommend a $1000 investment at each location.  We promise that your ROI will be huge if you follow this advice, and it will not cost you a penny if a store does not hit the minimum of 30%.  We suggest that you pay the top sales associate $250 per store, second place $150 and third place $100.  Totaling $500 for each sales team.  If the showroom exceeds 30% across the board as a team then reward the manager and assistant manager with $250 each so that the buy in company wide is absolute.  The psychologists say that it takes 21 days to turn any habit into a skill.  Make IGE a skill and you will be amazed at the results.



12.  It is imperative that you identify anyone who is not trying immediately and has less than a 20% IGE percentage.  Our guarantee is that each salesperson will make an additional 5K per month minimum if they do the basics, but one disruptive negative salesperson can disrupt this first three weeks and really hurt your chances of phenomenal growth.  If you have anyone who does not see the big picture, I would love to talk with them.  I guarantee they will love TRAX after just ten minutes with me over the phone.  All I do is prove to them that TRAX is going to help put many thousands additional commission dollars in their back pocket.


►     View all of the movies in the Training Library, #3 on the training page.  We will also be adding new training movies every week until all reports and features are covered.  We also have a detailed manual that covers almost any possible question you could have regarding the TRAX system.  Click Here



If you ever need anything at all or have any questions please call me first.

Warmest regards,


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